Consumer units ( Fuse box)

  • Our consumer units have a 12 month warranty through the NICEIC and we issue a Electrical Installation Certificate on completion.
  • The consumer unit used to be known as a fuse box.
  • Today many homes do not have an RCD (Residual Circuit Device).This device protects you from having an electric shock and electrical fires.

Consumer Unit Replacements

When modifications are carried out to your home such as new kitchens or bathrooms this may mean that your electrical system is no longer up to date. When additions are added such as these if is often found that the installation doesn't meet correct safety standards. For example we often see sockets spurred from a spur on a ring circuit , this is not acceptable due to the current rating on that cable (27 amps)and the MCB chosen(usually 30 or 32 amp).Therefore it could become a fire risk.

17th edition  BS7671 regulations stipulate that all circuits must be protected by an RCD (Residual Circuit Device). Many homes today don’t have an RCD, this is crucial as protects you and you family against electric shocks and electrical fires.

Since 2008 RCDs have to be installed on every cable / circuit in the home. Every new type 17th Edition consumer unit we install has 2 RCDs installed each at 30mA.Circuits are split up into two sides of the board,for example upstairs lights on one RCD and downstairs lights on another so if a fault does exist on one RCD you still have power on the other side.If smoke detectors are present in the property these are fed from an RCBO from the main switch of the consumer unit so if a fault exists on two RCDs you still have your smoke detectors active.We always used reputable brands such as Wylex and MK these offer high quality and will last for years.

The latest consumer units have MCBs to protect the circuits from overload i.e. if a cable is rated at 10amps then an MCB must be rated below that, so it will trip instead of the cable getting hot.

The main tails and main earth are checked and updated if required and included in the price. All our consumer units carry a 12 month warranty and an Electrical Installation Certificate is issued on completion of the work.

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