We Offer an Emergency Call out service throughout the South West Wales

There is no power in my house?

You should check your fuse board or consumer unit. If all looks ok then check with a neighbour to see if there has been apower cut. If the problem exists only with your house then you should contact an electrician in your local area.
I have no power to my sockets what should i do?

First go to the fuse board and see what has tripped. The fuse board is usually located next to the electric meter.Then check which circuit has tripped for sockets if not labelled its usually a 32/30 amp or 20amp or 16 amp. If a circuit breaker has tripped or a fuse has blown then check whats plugged into the sockets , look for any damage to appliances and unplug . If the fuseboard is old with fuse wires i would recommend you contact an electrician. If you have a switched fuse then try resetting it if it still trips then contact an electrician.If its the RCD (large switch
with test button) see below.
How do you repair an RCD ?  RCD keeps tripping how can I fix it ?

An RCD usually trips / keeps going to the down position because of something that has been plugged in . You should unplug everthing from the wall and check the appliances . If you are using an appliance , especially one that uses water , then it is likely to be that . Reset the RCD , if it still trips then call an emergency electrician . If the RCD stays " up " then switch off , plug the appliances in one by one turning the power off each time . If it trips again (use a radio or tv to listen) then you can eliminate the faulty appliance . Do not use this appliance again and have it checked by the manufacturer or an appliance electrician .
When and how often should I have my electrics checked ?

10 years for your home or a rented property is every 5 years.
Should I get a certificate for the electrical work carried out in my home?

You should always get a certificate from an electrician . If he has installed the electrics safely then he must test before switching it on.
How do I find a good  qualified electrician ?

All electrical work should be registered with a Part P body such as NICEIC. There are a few others bodies but make sure the electrician is qualified and competent to carry out the work.Check references or online reviews of the electrician you may use.