Electrical showers swansea electrical installation South Wales

We install all types of electrical showers

MJE electrical can install all types of electrical showers in and around Swansea.Below is a quick guide on what to look out for when choosing your electrical shower.

What is an Electric Shower?

An electrical shower provides instantaneous hot water.It does not need its own hot water supply and runs off the cold water feed.An electric shower also requires its own separate electrical feed adequate enough for the power rating of the shower.

The following safety regulations must be in place before the shower can be fitted. These are-

  • 30ma RCD Protection ( Additional protection against electric shock)

  • Main earth bonding to the gas and water mains

  • Supplementary bonding in the location containing the shower if other circuits are not protected by a 30ma RCD.

On completion of the shower installation our domestic electrical engineers will provide a NICEIC Part P certificate.

What Size Shower Should I Buy?

Electric showers are rated in kilo watts and the size of the shower in KW s determines the size of the cable that is required for the installation. For example an 8.5 kw electric shower has a current demand of approx. 35 amps so the size of the cable required to install this shower must have a current carrying capacity of at least 35 Amps and a circuit protection device, MCB or mechanical circuit breaker rated at no more than 40 amps.

It is important to select the correct cable and MCB for the power rating of the shower unit, if you are not sure please contact us and we are here to help.

Shower Cable Sizes:

  • 7.5kw= 6mm/32amp MCB

  • 8.5Kw = 6mm/40amp MCB

  • 9.5Kw = 10mm/45amp MCB

  • 10.5Kw =10mm/50amp MCB

For more information on installing your electrical shower please contact us!