Burglar Alarm Service 

There is no doubt that the most essential addition to your home security is an intruder alarm. Not only do the alarms make it a greater problem for a thief to break into your property, the mere presence of security equipment  in  your house will act as an excellent deterrent. We carryout burglar alarm installations tailor made to the customers requirements.

Types of intruder alarms

• Bells only alarms
• Monitoring alarms


This type of alarm is useful in alerting home owners to a possible burglar. The noise of the alarm will alert the home-owner. Also the sound is likely to interrupt the burglar causing him to panic and leave.


Monitored alarms offer a second layer of protection as they also offer a link to an “Alarm receiving Centre”. The alarm receiving centre immediately checks the property for an intruder using CCTV and audio equipment and if positive, inform the Police. 

Wireless alarms systems

Both bells-only and monitored alarms can be installed as traditional hard-wired alarms or wireless alarms. Wireless alarms provide a wire free solution.Wireless alarms are excellent if you require minimal disruption to your property.

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