Electrical Installation Condition reports (landlord/safety certificates)

MJE Electrical can offer urgent inspections and our  Swansea electricians have the latest certification . We test and install to the latest wiring regulation 18th Edition BS7671 2018

What is an electrical installation condition report?

Sometimes rephrased as electrical safety check or landlord certificate.The inspection is a series of tests to make sure your installation continues to conform to the national safety standards. On completion of the inspection it will-

  • Reveal if any of your electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded.
  • Find any potential electric shock risks or fire hazards.
  • Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.
  • Identify any defective electrical work.

Tests are carried out on the fixed wiring and equipment to insure that it is safe. On completion a schedule of circuits will be provided this describes each circuit installed in the property.

How often is a condition report required?  

  • 10 years for a home
  • 5 years for a business / rented property or change of tenancy 

Why is a condition report needed?

Electrics can deteriorate over a period of time and should be checked at regular intervals

What tests are carried out during the report?

  • Continuity of earthing conductors
  • Continuity of ring final circuit conductors
  • Polarity check
  • Installation resistance
  • Earth loop impedance
  • RCD Trip tests

The electrical condition report is carried out on circuits at the consumer unit. Our domestic electrician will then inspect various points around the property including (light fittings,sockets , switches) with a visual inspection and instrumental test. The supply characteristics are  tested to ensure a good earth (ZE) and a fault current path(PSC). These tests verify the circuit has earth path to each fitting and that the RCD operates within the specified time and current.

Fees for Reports

From: £150 (max 5 circuits )

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