Mains Powered Smoke Alarms

Whatever your needs we can help ensure your smoke detectors are fitted to the required safety standards, and that you know you are safe in the knowledge that if a fire did occur the smoke detector will alarm safely.

Types Of Detectors
Mains-powered smoke alarms
Mains smoke alarms are very reliable they run off the main power supply of the property weather it be domestic or comercial.They are the most reliable smoke alarms due to the fact that they have a battery backup. In event of a loss of the main power the battery back up will kick in and they are still fully operational. These smoke alarms need to be installed by a qualified electrician.
Linked or interconnecting smoke alarms
In a large home or commercial building a linked or interconnecting alarm is recommended. If one alarm is triggered then all the alarms go off in an event of a fire . Therefore it will alert all areas of the building that may not have heard the original alarm. These alarms can be linked up to more complicated systems such as triggering water sprays or unlocking electric doors for quick exits.
Mains-powered fire alarm with vibrating pad and strobe lighting
You can get smoke alarms that are fitted with strobe light and vibrating pads. These smokes are ideal for the older generation where they may have hearing difficulties. The alarm will notify you with a vibration under the pillow and flashing strobe lighting.
Standard battery alarms
The most popular battery alarm used in the home is the standard battery alarm.This is the cheapest smoke alarm available it is quite basic and cheap to purchase. Other battery types which are available are  ‘optical battery alarm’ .These are quite cheap although a little more expensive than the ‘ionisiation battery alarm’ these both use a 9v battery.
Smoke alarms with 10-year batteries
Ideally you want a smoke alarm that will last a long time .Many people prefer to buy a smoke alarm with a 10 year battery. These are more expensive than standard 9-volt battery alarms but it can save you money in the long run.They have a sealed battery unit and are guaranteed to last 10 years.
Smoke detectors with a hush button
Some alarms and smoke detectors come with a ‘hush’ button this will silence the alarm for a few minutes and is useful for kitchens. These mechanisms will be overridden if there is a significant amount of smoke which would indicate a real fire.